May 4th: Elementary Spring Concert 1:30
May 18th: Elementary STEAM Event 1:15-3pm
May 29th: 3rd Grade Field Trip
May 30th: Elementary Track & Field Day

Instructional Reading Update: Our first theme was "How America Began". We read informational articles. Students learned about our founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Our second theme was "Family Fun".  This theme focused on fictional stories, character traits and 1st person/3rd person narration. During the theme, "Investigating Weather",  we read informational articles about certain weather conditions. We focused on key details and sequencing. We continued with "Who Am I?", this theme continued character traits; not only of the characters in the stories we read, but also encouraged us to think about our own character traits.  We've studied how certain individuals broke through a barrier of some sort.  People like Jessie Jackson, Marie Curie, Thurgood Marshall, and Maya Lin.  Other skill areas have been:  figuring out the main idea and key details, learning author's point of view, comparing and contrasting, summarizing what we've read, problems and solutions, making inferences,  and learning about cause and effect, just to name a few! 

Independent Reading Update:  We continue to pick a "good fit book" using the "I PICK" steps: I choose the book, I have a Purpose and Interest in the book I'm choosing, I must be able to Comprehend what I read (remember it and understand it) and I must Know most of the words in my book. After students have read their good fit book, they take an AR (Accelerated Reader) quiz on their iPad.  When they pass a quiz, they earn points.  Every student has a point goal to meet by the end of this quarter, which was determined by their most recent STAR Reading assessment. Students are to be reading their good fit books daily; at school and at home (15-20 minutes-this is their homework). Books should go home and be returned daily in their Take Home Folder. Parents: PLEASE ENCOURAGE READING AT HOME DAILY!  

Science Update:  We learned about the purpose of our skeletons, muscles, our digestive system and nutrition. We then  learned a lot about the moon. Currently students are focusing on matter: the states of matter, how to measure matter, etc. Fun!  Also, extra credit is always available for students. (these always relate to our current science theme)

Writing Update:  Our third pen pal letters were sent to Winsted Elementary 3rd graders. We learned about various poetry styles and published a classroom poetry book!  All students received a copy of this book. Students learned how to write a simple research paper.  Each have been given one of the Apollo space missions to research by using a simple guide and the 6 step writing process.      

Spelling Update: Each week new words are introduced using a particular "sort" pattern.  New word lists are sent home every Friday (typically) for students to look over before Monday's lesson.  Please make sure your child studies his/her word list every night before Friday's test.  Our brains need repeated practice to learn/remember long term these spelling patterns.