Dear 1st Grade Families,

As a 1st Grade team, Miss Uncini and I have  been working to come up with a plan that will keep our kids engaged in learning even if it is in a different format than what we are used to. Our goal is to provide a balance of resources, hands on activities, online resources, and  prepared materials. 

If we are out of school past the 30th, which may be the case, our instructional plan will be ready for our 1st graders starting the week of the 30th. We will have instructional activities for each day. Although you do not need to be logged in at a certain time during the day, we would like to stay in contact with either your  child or you as often as possible. That can be done through email or by Seesaw. 

In order to do this I need your help with the following information:
1. Please   email me  so that I know  you have received this information.
2. Are you able to  access Seesaw? Have  you logged in? Do you need help  with this? A UR Code was sent home with your child  and  an email invitation has been sent. This will be a very helpful resource moving forward. 
3. Will your child  have a  consistent address  where work can be delivered during the  time away from school? 
4.Is  there anything else I can do  to help? 

This is a new process  for all of us. My personal goal is to keep things as normal, fun, and routine for our kids as possible. 

While we are away from school, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Please check NW Calendar for updates on events in addition to our classroom events.

Contact: Mrs. Thiel