Elementary Special Education

Mrs. Breann Thorne-Stanzell
Phone: 218-666-5221  ext. 5111
Email: bstanzell@isd2142.k12.mn.us

As we wind down the year, it is important to remember some key things over the summer:
1.) Most students show some regression during the summer. This is normal. However, there are things you as parents can do to help limit the regression. This can be extremely beneficial for your child as they return to school. One of the best things you can do is to require your student read. I often hear parents tell me their child does not like reading. This can be a huge challenge. My mother was fortunate in that 2 of her 3 kids LOVED reading; especially me. However, my middle brother did not especially enjoy reading. For him she needed to schedule a time daily where he was expected to read. This was normally right before bedtime. If he did not do his reading, he would not earn certain things the next day. There are many free resources to help keep information fresh in your child's mind as well. Kahn Academy is a great one for older elementary and up. STARFALL is great for some of the younger children or those with disabilities. A quick Google search can bring up hundreds of things you can do. While I know some kids find this the epitome of evil, limiting screen time is also vital for limiting regression as well as helping their brains grow properly. I won't lecture on the harms of too much screen time, but get those kiddos out to play. Have a set time frame daily were no technology is allowed. I know as a child I frequently used this mandatory outside time to take a book outside and read. Of course it was not the physical activity my mom had intended, but it got me out of the house. Kids need to have imaginative play for brain development. It's ok if it takes some boredom to find out what to do. Kids are so used to instant gratification of video games that it is making sitting in a classroom more difficult. The challenge partially rests on teachers to make lessons more interactive. This being said, limiting screen time and allowing kids boredom is also extremely important. Have chores ready for the "bored" kids: they'll find ways to not be bored really quickly.