Kindergarten Supply List

North Woods Kindergarten 2017-2018
         School Supply List

Your child will need the following items on the first day of school
Please label the following items by writing your child’s name with permanent marker:
2–  pocket folders (Plastic folders if possible- they last MUCH longer! J)
1 – plastic pencil box
1 - scissors
1- composition notebook  (This will be used for our reading.)
1 – towel for rest time
1 – 1 pair of tennis shoes to keep in school (for gym).
1 – set of extra clothes (including underwear and socks) Please put all clothing in a labeled Ziploc bag!
1-water bottle (Please send filled with your child on the first day of school!)
The following items do not need to be labeled:
1 – back pack
2 – 24-count Classic Colors crayons    
5- #2 pencils (Ticonderoga is a good brand.)
2- pink erasers
2- 12 packs of glue sticks
1- bottle of glue
1 – box of markers
4 - dry erase markers
1- box of Kleenex
 Appreciated donations:  sandwich or gallon size ziploc baggies, extra supplies listed above (any)

All kindergarten children should wear clothes, shoes, etc. that they can put on and take off independently.   Shoes should be playground tough.  Velcro shoes are helpful to those that do not know how to tie.