Bruce Black

If not teaching, what other career jobs would you be interested in?     

Why and how did you choose your field of work?     
I like to mess around in shop and it’s a good teaching job, also because of June July and August off.

Do you like your job and enjoy teaching?       
Yes I do.

What are some of your hobbies?       
I like to fish.

What is your favorite food?       
Mother’s spaghetti.

What is your secret talent?       
Making wooden gifts for my niece.

Where did you grow up?       
Hobart, Indiana.

What was your high school life like?       
I was not popular.

What is a place that you like to visit?       

Fun Fact.       
I have two nieces and a nephew.

Favorite saying.       
Get to work.

Favorite game.       

Favorite movie.       
No movie, old tv show called Hogan’s Heroes.

Favorite color.       

Where did you go to college?       
Ball State University, Indiana.