John Metsa

What is your favorite quotation?
Don't let anything steal your joy.

If you could have any person (Living, Dead, or Fictional) as a principal who would it be?

What profession other than your own would you most likely attempt?

Name 3 things/qualities that you need to do your job well?
Like kids, organized, communication.

What stereotype about your job is true?
Most principals are bald.

What was your motivation for choosing your field?
I liked being a teacher.

What are your hobbies?
Hanging out with family, hunting, music, building stuff.

Fun fact?
I was a bodyguard for Ross Burro.

What is a place you would like to visit?

Favorite color?

Where did you go to college?
UMD, Mesabi, St. Thomas.

Favorite food?

Childhood hero?
Thomas Jefferson.

What is one thing you love about your job?
Working with kids.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
John Rodgers, he cared for me.

What do you do with your free time?
Work on products around the resort.

Last words?
I've been in education for 34 years and I'm waiting for something new.