A Monthly Guide to College Planning During Your Senior Year

-It is required by law that you register with the Selective Service.
-Register online at www.sss.gov. It only takes a couple of minutes.

-Make a list of the colleges you plan to apply to- Get your applications in early!
-Register to take/retake the ACT or SAT if it is required at the college of your choice.
-Write for, search online, or pick up college applications.
-Begin working on college applications essays.
-Meet with college reps as they visit the high school (see the Calendar of Events)
-Seniors will meet with Mrs. Stark to discuss future plans.
-Seniors will receive "Requesting a Letter of Recommendation" form during their senior meeting with Mrs. Stark. Begin thinking about who you would like to write your letters of recommendation for college or scholarship applications.

-Deadline for early decision applications at college.
-Visit college campuses: MEA weekend is a good time to do this.
-Attend a Financial Aid Workshop. North Woods will host one sometime this month. Information with the date and time will be mailed home (also see the calendar of events).
-Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov to learn about and complete the financial aid process (FAFSA). You can begin your FAFSA on October 1.

-Begin applying for local and national scholarships. Research private sources for scholarships.
-Mrs. Stark will hand out the first scholarship list. This is a small list that has December and January deadlines. (Three additional lists will be handed out throughout the next couple of months).
-Complete college applications if you have not done so. Try to complete at least 2 by Thanksgiving break.
-Check to be sure you have registered for the appropriate entrance tests required for your college.
-Finish applications and essays (if required) and have them reviewed by a parent, guardian, teacher, etc.

-Continue to work on scholarships. 

-Review your status on all applications.
-Check deadlines for housing applications at all of the colleges you are considering

-Visit all colleges to which you have applied if you have not already done so.
-If you have not applied for admission to a college, it may not be too late......DO IT NOW!!!
-Many local scholarships are due by April 1, so complete them and turn them in to the appropriate person.

-Review college acceptance notices and rejection information. Complete necessary forms.
-Review scholarship acceptance notices.

-Counselors at the colleges are available to assist you. Make an appointment to review your plans.
-Notify the colleges to which you applied but do not plan to attend.
-Send thank you notes to the people who wrote your letters of recommendations.
-Send thank you notes to the organizations that awarded you scholarships.

-Make sure your final high school transcript has been sent to the college you plan to attend. Let Mrs. Stark know which college this is.
-If you took CEP or PSEO classes, make sure to contact the providing college to have your transcript sent to the college that you will attend in the fall. See Mrs. Stark for the transcript request form.

-Attend college orientation (unless done earlier).
-Be aware of due dates for tuition, room and board.
-Check with your Financial Aid Advisor on loan disbursement dates.
-Make a list of what you'll need for college. Coordinate with your roommate so you don't have two of everything.
-Student and parent can work together on a budget for finances.

If you have any questions you can always contact Mrs. Stark!

Best wishes for a great freshman year in college!!